stanley cup final game 2

at this point, we are all aware of the absolute tragedy that took place during game two of the stanley cup final…. our beloved golden knights fell victim to the washington capitals and the series is now tied 1-1 with the next two games on washington’s home ice. though this is going to be painful to talk about, lets take a quick look at what happened. #nocaps

1st period: 

in the start of the first period, both teams hit the ice like a bat out of hell. there was a lot riding on this game. either our knights would have a dominating 2-0 lead on the series, or the series would be tied giving washington a fighting chance. in less the two minutes, t.j oshie had a great scoring chance on a wide open net but mishandled the puck and ran directly into fleury knocking the goal off its post. the knights knew if they had a chance, they needed to answer first. at 12:02, james neal gets an air mailed puck from the opposite end of the ice and with some great stick control sends the puck top shelf and past braden holtby scoring the first goal of the game. the knights did great defensively and held off the capitals until the last five minutes of the period. with 3:25 left, matt niskanen sends a slap shot towards the net which is swallowed up by marc-andre fleury. within seconds, all hell breaks loose and both teams start throwing hands, sticks and whatever else they could at each other causing a four on four power play. with only 2:33 left, lars eller gets a beautiful pass from michal kempny and buries the game tying goal into a wide open net.

2nd period: 

with the game tied 1-1, the capitals didn’t take long before taking the lead. with 14:22 left and washington on a power play due to a cross check from alex tuch, lars eller sends a quick pass to alexander ovechkin who finds the back of the net and scores his first ever stanley cup goal. the capitals are now up 2-1 and you can tell tempers are starting to flair when tom wilson got a well deserved pop in the face from the one and only, ryan reaves dropping him directly to the ice. you would think he would have learned his lesson previously in his career when he dropped gloves with reaves and was quickly beat like a drum. at 10:20, brooks orpik takes a hard slap slap shot towards the net and hits alex tuch’s elbow which dribbles the puck past fleury and give the capitals a 3-1 lead. with time winding down and the golden knights desperate to close the gap, william karlsson and alex tuch set up a screen in front of braden holtby. shea theodore sees this and sends a long slap shot from center ice drilling the net, making the score 3-2.

3rd period: 

this period was full of great defensive play on both ends of the ice and neither team was able to score. the closest our knights got to tying the game was when alex tuch had a one timer opportunity on a completely wide open net but with some type of magical sorcery, braden holtby was able to block the puck with the paddle of his stick and the capitals take game two with a one goal lead tying the series 1-1.

we now hit the road to washington to play on the capitals home ice. however, our golden knights have a lot more to play for than the capitals and will dominate this two game road trip coming back to vegas ready to hear the roar of t-mobile yelling go knights go!

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