Game 6- Golden Knights vs San Jose Sharks

The Golden Knights are now up 3-2 on the series and are looking to end it in game six and advance to the Western Conference Final! Marc-Andre Fleury is about to earn his fourth post season shutout and once again create history!

1st Period:

Though this period ended scoreless, there was a ton of scoring opportunities from both teams. It seemed the most active player on the ice all period was the goal post as we heard more dings than a high school yard on a Monday. At 17:16 William “Wild Bill” Karlsson had a great steal and found some open ice on a break away. With a flick of the wrist, he sent one toward Martin Jones that was redirected for the save. Just three minutes later the Golden Knights get another scoring chance that was called back by the officials when Alex Tuch pushed both Jones and the puck into the net. With 10 minutes left, Logan Couture sends one off the iron, followed by Evander Kane ringing the same bell. Throughout the rest of the period the San Jose Sharks had scoring chance after scoring chance but Marc-Andre Fleury had zero intentions of letting one past him, as he was on absolute fire the entire period.

2nd Period:

Let the scoring begin! After 7 minutes of intense playoff hockey, Riley Smith sends a perfect pass to Jonathan Marchessault who five holes Martin Jones giving the Knights the first goal of the game. Only a minute later the Knights get another great scoring chance on a wide open net that hit the body of Chris Tierney, who just so happen to be in the right place at the right time. This wasn’t going to be it for our beloved Golden Knights. There was plenty of period left, Marc-Andre Fleury was like a vacuum sucking up any puck that came his way and the Knights wanted to extend the lead before heading into the final period. With only 4 minutes left, Nate Schmidt from center ice sent a rocket toward the net that hit the camera and almost looked as if it never crossed the goal line. After the officials reviewed camera it was determined that the puck did pass the line and the Knights have a comfortable 2-0 lead heading into the third.

3rd Period:

Once again, this period was full of goal opportunities on both ends of the ice. Shot after shot by the Sharks were either blocked by Fleury or rang the goal post. Martin Jones, coming off a two goal period found his groove and didn’t allow anything to see any net time. This went on all the way until there was just two minutes left in the period and the Sharks made one final push to tie the game. Martin Jones headed toward the bench and the Sharks were up a man in desperation to find a goal. With some great defensive play, the puck was dished off to Cody Eakin who with some open ice, scored the final empty net goal of the series.

The Vegas Golden Knights have once again created history and are headed to the Western Conference Final! Rest assured, any team we go against is going to have a hard time taking down a franchise that travels from arena to arena with the entire city of Las Vegas by their side! Go Knights Go!


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