NHL Playoffs Round 1

It’s Playoff Season!! This is the time of year that beards grow, beer flows and cities rally around their team’s. Let’s take a look at what games we can expect during week 1:

  • Wednesday, April 11th @ 4:00pm Minnesota Wild vs. Winnipeg Jets
  • Wednesday, April 11th @ 4pm Philadelphia Flyers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Wednesday, April 11th @ 7pm LA Kings vs. Vegas Golden Knights
  • Thursday, April 12th @ 4pm New Jersey Devils vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Thursday, April 12th @ 4pm Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Boston Bruins
  • Thursday, April 12th @ 4:30pm Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Washing Capitals
  • Thursday, April 12th @ 6:30pm Colorado Avalanche vs. Nashville Predators
  • Thursday, April 12th @ 7:30pm San Jose Sharks vs. Anaheim Ducks

Now that we know what games to expect, let’s talk about about what’s most important…. The Vegas Golden Knights!!

Game Time:

With 29 wins under his belt during the regular season and save percentage of .93%, Marc-Andre Fleury will get between the pipes determined to shut down the LA Kings in a battle to the Stanley Cup. This won’t be your typical hockey game, during the 60 minute regulation every shot, goal, block and hit will be the deciding factor on who ends up with the W when the timer hits 0. You’re going to see hits from Ryan Reeves that shake the glass and more highlight reel shots from William ‘Wild Bill’ Karlsson as the Golden Knights bring a level of play Las Vegas hasn’t seen.

Post Game:

We all know what happens here….Our Golden Knights leave the ice with another victory under their belt and every fan in T-Mobile Arena are on their feet cheering, clapping and yelling “Go Knights Go!” So now what do we do? We head straight to The Park, pull up a bar stool in our favorite bar and celebrate our Expansion Team’s first playoff win during their inaugural year! So oil up your beards, put your drinking caps on and get ready for some fast pace, hard hitting hockey!

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